We selected for you some of the natural and spectacular sites of our region of the closest to your place of stay in the most distant:

The lakes

Very numerous and grouped in the " Region of lakes ". Of glacial origin, they benefit the summer of a temperature of 20 in 25°C; they are then wonderful sites of baigandes, sail, games and fishing.

The watterfalls of "Hérisson"

Marriage of two brooks originating in the lakes of Bonlieu and Ilay, to meet in a series of more beautiful surprising waterfalls the some than the others. You can walk along these 31 jumps the most famous of which are " the range ", " the big jump ", " the blue gour ", " the jump of the forge " and " the jump Girard ".
This ride of 4 km will offer you 3 hours of delight and freshness: a simple adventure at the heart of the nature.

To see the site of "Maison des cascades"

The "Pic de l'Aigle" - Belvedere of 4 lakes

A panorama on Grandvaux, chain of Haut-Jura and Mont Blanc - a view on Franois surrounded with its 4 natural lakes.

The caves

Caves of "Les Planches"

At the foot of the "Cirque du fer à cheval", a gigantic underground network with an active river and a collection of phenomena of unique erosion in Europe.

Caves of "Beaume-les-Messieurs"

Jewel of the remote, in 120 m underground, the caves of Beaume-les-Messieurs open on an entrance of 70 m, real nave of church. On 600 m of gallery fitted out follow one another rooms of 20 in 80 m of height, rivers and an underground lake, bats and blind shrimps. Games(sets) of sounds and light.

Cave of "Moidons"

Situated in a Jura forest of the first plateau, it contains the stalactiques most beautiful of Jura. The ponds of water emphasized by one sounds and spectacular light make of this cave a site of exception.




Vue sur le lac de Bonlieu tout près du chaletLac de Vouglans

Cascades du Hérisson : Le grand sautCascades du Hérisson : l'Eventail


Belvédère des 4 lacs


Grotte des MoidonsGrottes de Beaume-les-Messeiurs

For more information, consult the site of the tourist information office of the region of lakes.


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