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The region of the lakes of Jura offers a panel of activities very wide energy of the hikes, in MOUNTAIN BIKE, in cycle touring or on horseback, to the visits of remarkable natural sites including nautical activities diverse and varied as cruise by boat on the lake of Vouglans, the canyoning or the rafting, the canoeing, the bathing, the fishing in lakes or in rivers, and many other sports or cultural activities.

We selected for you some of the natural and spectacular sites of our region of the closest to your place of stay in the most distant:

The lakes

Very numerous and grouped in the " Region of lakes ". Of glacial origin, they benefit the summer of a temperature of 20 in 25°C; they are then wonderful sites of baigandes, sail, games and fishing.

The watterfalls of "Hérisson"

Marriage of two brooks originating in the lakes of Bonlieu and Ilay, to meet in a series of more beautiful surprising waterfalls the some than the others. You can walk along these 31 jumps the most famous of which are " the range ", " the big jump ", " the blue gour ", " the jump of the forge " and " the jump Girard ".
This ride of 4 km will offer you 3 hours of delight and freshness: a simple adventure at the heart of the nature.

The "Pic de l'Aigle" - Belvedere of 4 lakes

A panorama on Grandvaux, chain of Haut-Jura and Mont Blanc - a view on Franois surrounded with its 4 natural lakes.

The caves

Caves of "Les Planches"

At the foot of the "Cirque du fer à cheval", a gigantic underground network with an active river and a collection of phenomena of unique erosion in Europe.

Caves of "Beaume-les-Messieurs"

Jewel of the remote, in 120 m underground, the caves of Beaume-les-Messieurs open on an entrance of 70 m, real nave of church. On 600 m of gallery fitted out follow one another rooms of 20 in 80 m of height, rivers and an underground lake, bats and blind shrimps. Games(sets) of sounds and light.

Cave of "Moidons"

Situated in a Jura forest of the first plateau, it contains the stalactiques most beautiful of Jura. The ponds of water emphasized by one sounds and spectacular light make of this cave a site of exception.




Vue sur le lac de Bonlieu tout près du chaletLac de Vouglans

Cascades du Hérisson : Le grand sautCascades du Hérisson : l'Eventail


Belvédère des 4 lacs


Grotte des MoidonsGrottes de Beaume-les-Messeiurs

For more information, consult the site of the tourist information office of the region of lakes.


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